The Key to Reducing Change Orders

Change Orders

Keys to Reducing Change Orders and Schedule Delays

Change orders and schedule delays not only cost money, but can impact store openings and associated revenues. However, most can be avoided as a result of careful pre-planning, teamwork, and communication between the client and General Contractor (GC).

Ten common mistakes to avoid:


  • Sparing costs on construction documents and plans. Detailed plans are pivotal to reducing misunderstandings related to scope.
  • Securing bids before obtaining city approvals. Different city requirements may generate plan revisions which can often impact the overall job scope.
  • Failing to ensure owner vendors are complicit to timelines.
  • Delaying key decisions that impact project progress.
    Going with the lowest bid without vetting that the contractor has accounted for all project components.


  • Failing to confirm lead times for materials and fixtures.
  • Not properly communicating with all subs. Weekly on-site meetings with all sub-contractors present are key to keeping the job on schedule.
  • Not knowing the required inspections and city approval processes.
  • Using sub-contractors that don’t have the proper man power or experience for the job.
  • Using the subcontractor with the lowest bid without ensuring they understand everything that is part of their job scope

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