Gold is Our Standard



Ground-up construction is a mainstay service line for Wyatt Management. Victory Real Estate Group, Jiffy Lube and Dutch Bros Coffee are just a few of Wyatt’s ground-up clients.



Tenant Improvement projects are bread and butter for Wyatt. From Chipotle, Shake Shack, Mendocino Farms, Grub Burger Bar, Pizza Hut and more, our experience in tenant finish is vast and long.



Wyatt has performed numerous retrofit projects including modifying an existing Firestone into a Shake Shack, a Carl’s Jr. into an Arby’s in San Antonio, as well as Payless Shoe Store into an Orange Theory Fitness Studio in Cottage Grove, MN.



Industry standard for fast casual and quick service restaurants is to remodel every 5-7 years to keep current and fresh to their patrons. Wyatt’s long-term relationships with leading fast casual and QSR restaurants keeps us busy year after year.



Tilt wall construction saves time because (change because to “as”)the exterior walls are made from readily available local material like ready-mix concrete, conventional reinforcing steel and framing lumber. The walls are ready and erected when the steel for the roof assembly arrives at the site, allowing a shortened construction sequence. Panels are lifted into place only a few days after casting.


Lean Building

Wyatt Management has adopted Lean Building practices and the Last Planner System (add TM) for all project scheduling. The days of working in silo’s on Wyatt Management projects are in the past. The lean journey is a team game. There is no “us vs. them”; (change semicolon to a period.)We will all work together as a team focusing on the goals and priorities of the project.