McDonald’s Introduces the “Experience of the Future” to the City of McKinney

Kids and adults alike received a real treat when Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar and the rest of the gang paid a visit to the newly remodeled McDonald’s located at 3200 Eldorado Pkwy, McKinney, Texas. To boost sales, McDonald’s is hitting the streets hard with its new “Experience of the Future” (EOTF) initiative.

In the face of heightened competition from traditional rivals, McDonald’s is battling new competition from fast-casual restaurants, as well as non-traditional market participants such as convenience stores, gas stations, and specialty coffee shops. In response, the burger giant is seeking to reinvent itself by introducing fresh, new, high-quality menu choices and modern technology such as self-service kiosks, mobile apps, online ordering, and state-of-the-art table-location technology that enables employees to deliver food directly to customers’ tables. This new style of engagement enables McDonald’s employees to spend more time in friendly interaction with customers and less time behind the counter.

This EOFT initiative is unprecedented for McDonald’s because the company has promised that they will be picking up 55% of the EOTF renovation costs. The upgrades McDonald’s is rolling out are expected to cost between $150,000 to $700,000 per restaurant according to the Wall Street Journal1. The McDonald’s EOTF initiative is coming to about 650 restaurants this year, bringing the chain’s number of these stores to nearly 2,500 across the country.

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